10 Adviser resources

10 Adviser resources
I am not the perfect adviser. There are days I would say that I am not even very good. I get busy or distracted, and I have to trust that the program will still remain intact if I have to take a mental health day. There’s just the one of me. I have to trust that the days where the kids got the best of me will win out, that the systems in place will keep us going.
So this post is about those systems.
I don’t take credit for most of these. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend workshops and rub shoulders with advisers that are pretty amazing. The collection is a mix of their insight and examples, personalized back to my program. I hope they are helpful, or that they might inspire a system that helps in your program.

The presentation:


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LQTQ very basic structure outline for yearbook and news programs

LQTQ Very Basic Structure

If you don't know what LQTQ is, this is a good time to hop on the JEA curriculum and learn. While not all articles and yearbook copy need to be in LQTQ, it is the basic format.

Yearbook Caption writing one page handout

Yearbook Caption Writing One Page Review

Poor caption writing is one of the biggest complaints I hear from advisers. I don't feel like I properly grasped it until the end of my third year advising. This is a breakdown of how I approach it now. I use it as a reminder for students after I've taught it explicitly in class.

Yearbook Spread Plan

Yearbook Spread Plan

You don't have to follow this planner, but you should have a planner for students to start with. Beginning a spread can be daunting. Have a starting place.

Coverage Styles Cheat Sheet

This is one of my favorites. It's one thing to say you can do other types of copy than LQTQ, but then what else is there? Here is a quick guide to some other options.

Field guide to photography composition

The Field Guide to Composition

Review often with photographers. It's amazing how it feels new every time you teach it.

Yearbook Spread Checklist

Spread Checklist

Is everything there? A checklist also helps maintain consistency across the book and helps meet critique standards.

Copy peer review checklist

Copy Peer Review Checklist

Help me help you. Don't allow students to turn in work until they have at least two peers review their copy first.

Photo Day Rubric

Photo Day Rubric

I require one of these each quarter from every student. They usually don't like them, but these days developed their photography skills and portfolio more than anything else I've done.

Yearbook and news Editor evaluation

Quarterly Editor Evaluations

How do you hold your editors accountable? Have a system in place.

student media discipline form

Discipline documentation

Sometimes, your editors or staff will let you down. Having communication open and documented from the start holds everyone accountable.

Student media resource help me slip

Help me! Slip

Oh, you don't have anything to do today? Your event isn't until tomorrow? Great! Here's what you can do to help the rest of us out. Introducing the Help me! slip.

And those are a few of the things that keep this ship sailing month to month. I hope they help keep you guys afloat 😉

*This was originally presented at spring FSPA 2019.

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