First, a little about this site. 

I hope you find it helpful. I mainly built it to organize my presentations and resources in a way that was easy for my editors and students to navigate, should they need to find something. It seems to work better than, “Hanks! Remember that presentation from three months ago with the pink slide in it? Can you send that to me when you have a ?” (Usually, this happens while I’m juggling 100 things and never remember.)

I am also hoping this helps the advisers who attend my sessions and classes with resources from that session and beyond. The journalism community supported me and developed me as an adviser and teacher. I hope this contributes to that vast collection of resources of and news design, photography, leadership, workflow and so much more already out on the internet. I hope it is a positive addition.

A little about me.

I currently advise the Odyssey yearbook and UHSpress team at University High School in Orange City, FL. With FSPA, I co-direct District 3. In my five years as the adviser there, we’ve won two Silver Crowns from CSPA, been a pacemaker finalist, received top marks on critiques, appeared on the Yearbook Chat with Jim podcast multiple times and appeared in two national magazines.

I contribute to the JEA Digital Media website, critique for CSPA and at national conventions, and teach classes at workshops and camps. JEA named me a Rising Star in 2018. In 2019, I was the district three for teacher of the year for FSPA. My students won multiple All-Florida rankings and Best-of-the-Best finalists, and a yearbook Sunshine Standout award.

But that’s just the resume stuff.

I love yearbook and student journalism because project-based learning at its best. I get to spend my time with kids making things and constantly learning, and that’s great. But there are so many reasons being an adviser is such a challenging, yet rewarding role. If you’re here, you know them already. 

Want to get into contact? 

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