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News/Digital Media Resources


References of good student news sites: with video examples, as well




Video broadcast stories of the year:


Social media examples:


Examples of story types:


Portfolio examples (all different types):


For resources for all things digital media related:


A huge list of multimedia tools:

Royalty free music and audio for video production:







Lesson plan help:


Law & Ethics Help:


Communication Applications


A beloved messaging application that will keep students connected, but has built in boundaries as well. There are tutorials on the JEA digital media site on how staffs use this in their programs. My students love it so much, and I can’t imagine working without it.



We use Basecamp to organize files, to-do lists, calendars and more. I wrote/walked through how we use it here. 


Writing & Editing Apps


My kids told me about this late in the game, and boy was I annoyed. Kids struggle with passive voice and understanding writing flow. This makes it easy to identify. If only they told me about it years ago!


Chrome extension to help with editing your writing. 



Yearbook Resources


My Pinterest Board for yearbook design:


Websites with yearbook resources:



The Yearbook Whys with Mike Simmons

This is an amazing resource for advisers at all stages. From theme to staff development, he hits all the big topics with expert advisers. 

Yearbook Chat with Jim (Walsworth)

Jim interviews advisers and students, exploring how they became successful in their programs. Full disclosure, I’m in a few of these ones, and I love Jim! Seriously the nicest.  

Ask Mike with Mike Taylor (Walsworth)

Mike explores more the behind the scenes of yearbook creation, giving more insight into how advisers run their programs. Mike knows everything there is to know and shares that knowledge.

Creative Pep Talk

Not exactly yearbook related, but a good podcast to listen to for marketing ideas and to inspire you at the start of a new school year. 


Design review & examples:


Professional Development & Learning 

Lynda provides a ridiculous amount of videos, including tutorials for the Adobe suite, photography lessons and design learning, that can provide you with certificates of completion to provide to your county for points. I receive a free membership from my county library, so check with them before paying to join. 



I’m currently taking a marketing class on this site. There’s a lot of high-level courses you can take from Ivy League Universities for free, so you’ll have to sift through it to find coursework that relates to your class. But, so cool, right?

So nice it needs to be mentioned twice, or maybe 100 times. If you are not a member of JEA, you should be kicking yourself. Every adviser can benefit from the resources available here, including a curriculum, but also training in critiquing, which can help you develop an eye for journalistic publication standards. Treat yourself. 


Critique Services & Competitions

My overly analytical brain just loves feedback. It’s the best tool for growing as a person and as a staff. My advice: join at least one national association and get a critique every year. Also, join your state’s scholastic press association for more support and networking closer to home. All of them have conventions, workshops and conferences that will help you develop.



Columbia Scholastic Press Association


National Scholastic Press Association

Quill & Scroll

Honor’s society that your students can join for honor’s cords


Florida Scholastic Press Association, for fellow Florida folks