Great design happens on purpose

Great design happens on purpose

The point is just this: You’re not going to have a beautiful publication unless you plan it, work on that plan every day and you work hard.

There’s a lot that goes into creating a simple, elegant design package for your yearbook or magazine layout. You need to be thoughtful. You need to know what you are doing.

It’s important in publication design to have a deep understanding about how hierarchy can be used to create a well-organized, easy to view layout. If no one is reading your book, what’s the point of making it? People will turn the page before they read a single word if you don’t hook them. You have to create design that hooks them.

Which brings me to this. The whole purpose of design is to serve the content to the viewer/reader in the best way possible. There are different roads to get there, but the same rules apply. Scale, space, color and contrast will determine if the content will ever be read or viewed. Make it easy to digest. Make it exciting to view.

Read and see more about the process of advanced design in the presentation below.

Here is a link to the full presentation

*Originally presented at Fallfest 2018

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