For editors & staff

Everyday forms

Yearbook Spread Plan

Yearbook Spread Planner

Used at the start of each spread to consider the different options for the spread's content prior to starting design.

Yearbook and news event coverage planner

Event coverage planner

At least three days before an event, complete the planner in class to ensure proper coverage.

Copy peer review checklist

Copy Peer Review

Students are required to have two peers review their articles and make their corrections prior to submitting their final article for grading.


Photo Day Rubric

Photo Day Evaluation

Quarterly photo day evaluations count as a summative grade. Pay attention to the grading scale as it gets more strict as the year progresses.

Directions for Photo Day Upload Journalism Program

Photo Day Upload Directions

Students are encouraged to use these directions every photo day as missed steps mean missed points.

Photo Editor Quarterly Eval

The photo editor evaluation replaces the photo day grade for the quarter and is a more extensive photography quarter assignment. (Not available yet)

For editors

Editor evaluation

Currently being updated for the 2019-2020 school year.

uhspress logo

UHSpress Logo File

For use in marketing. This is the Illustrator vector file.

Yearbook Theme Checklist

Theme Checklist

Follow this checklist to determine thematic elements fully throughout the book.

Business files

Student journalism event planner

Event Planner

Prior to all field trips and events, this form must be completed and updated by the business editors.

Journalism class fundraiser plan

Fundraiser planner

To be used throughout the fundraising planning process

Business Strategy Planner Yearbooks

Yearbook Sale plan

Yearbook business plan to be completed at the start of each school year.

Business Strategy Planner Senior Tributes

Senior Tribute plan

Senior tribute business planner to be completed at the start of each school year.

Business Strategy Planner Community sponsor

community sponsor plan

Business planner for community sponsors to be completed at the start of each school year.

Yearbook Senior Tribute Form 20

senior tribute order form

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