Mini-deadline yearbook rubric

Mini-deadline yearbook rubric

After an extensive debate at the yearbook editor table, we came to the conclusion that an increase in accountability was necessary. Enter: the mini-deadline.

I find that it is nearly impossible for me to assign everyone the same deadlines throughout the big deadline. We can all start and finish a deadline at nearly the same time but copy and photos may be done at drastically different times because events and organizations and sports are at drastically different times. When we cover them varies.

I thought back to one of the Michael Simon’s podcasts I listened to while painting my bathroom two summers ago when someone said mini-deadlines were key. I loved this idea and now I had an opportunity to enter it into a way that made sense for my staff, where expectations were all over the place.

The idea for this is that the staffer and the editor agree on the item requested and the completion day and time. These tasks are typically one-two days in length. Not only does that help me get in some needed formative grades, but there is accountability for students who aren’t doing things on time.

We’re only implementing these in yearbook right now since our deadlines stretch from two to four weeks at a time. So far, the editors love them. My plan is to start using them with my editors, as well.

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