News 5-week deadline cycle

News 5-week deadline cycle

This was originally intended to jumpstart the news website upon our return in January from winter break. I see myself modifying it though, with the help of my staff, to be a more permanent way to run our cycles.

It’s basically a menu for students to select from, mixing up shorter articles, social media posts and longer features, to increase the coverage for our news site.

With the size of our staff, we will never be able to cover everything that happens on campus. But what we do cover, we can cover well. That’s really the goal here, to split up every staffers time between big passion projects and shorter coverage over the span of three weeks.

We’re on week three, and thus far, it’s been a success. There’s an additional accountability aspect included that is intended to help with attendance and on-task behaviors, and it really has helped remind kids about what is important for us.

One tip is that I had them write the deadlines in, put them in their calendars on their phones, and write them in their planners. I added them to Basecamp and the board. I wanted them to have 100 reminders of when things were due. Since it’s over the span of five weeks, I didn’t want them to lose the sense of immediacy.

Enjoy 🙂 And if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

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