Photo Story Assignment

Photo Story Assignment

We’re going to be warming you up to photography as quickly as possible. Since all students on the staff take photos, I want to be sure that by the end of the first nine weeks, you’ve used the camera a handful of times. You gotta be comfortable.

So here is homework assignment #1 – create a photo story with three captions. We’ve been practicing how to create specific, important three-sentence captions in class. It’s time to try that out in the real world.

You can take these photos in a class, at an event, or even at a meeting. The important part is that you practice using photography to tell stories. That’s the heart of photojournalism, which you’re going to be doing a lot of in the next year.

Review the following handout, which I will also provide you in class. Projects are due Sept. 10, 2019.

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