Photography Introduction

Photography Introduction

We practiced this all during our boot camp the week before school starts, but you may have missed it. Or, gasp, forgotten it. So let’s review.

First, this file is the original presentation we viewed to go over the basics of how the camera works and what most often is harming your photos. The simple, easy-peasy basics.


Understanding these concepts and applying them is essential to the first quarter of the program. From here, we want you to practice with more complicated settings and strategies, that we will slowly introduce.

Try to form habits with these by reviewing the presentation and your notes often and always before going out to shoot. Practice + reflection + practice + reflection + practice… you get it. The more you do this, the better you will get.

And we’re here for you! When you bring back your photos to sort, invite an editor to sit with you to review what you can do differently next time to improve, as well as what you’re getting right. Feedback is food for your progress. Feed it often.


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