Switching to points for hybrid

Okay, I know I am not the only one in struggle city right now. We’ve been hybrid for six weeks now. Spoiler alert. It isn’t easier.

No, it’s not easier. I’ve gotten better at juggling and figuring out the new pace for the year. It seems grading and holding kids accountable for their time is harder and harder.

One thing that we implemented on staff was a switch from a spread-based grading system to a points-based system. We’ve done one cycle so far, and I can say with wobbly confidence that it is going pretty well.

The idea is that instead of having 1-2 staffers in charge of a spread, we split the spread up into tasks that can be completed from home or on campus in varying amount of points for a team to complete. A student just needs to reach their amount of points in the period allotted to get the grade. At home students focus on tasks that can be completed from home while in person students focus on in-school tasks. And it’s working.

I’ve included my accountability sheet with the breakdown of how we allot the points and how we keep track.

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